#053 After Forever

After Forever..jpg


  • CROWN: + Gold/Blue Tsukiyomi Crown + {aii} @ The Fantasy Gacha
  • NOSE CHAIN: *May’s Soul* Acham nosechain
  • NECKLACE: *May’s Soul* Acham necklace
  • HAIR: (r)M Hair, No.30’14 (Fantasy o.4-6) @ ( r e d ) M i n t – Mainstore (NEW LOCATION)
  • OUTFIT: *Cila*Shara Elf of Luna @ The Fantasy Gacha
    *Cila*Shara Elf of Luna / Armgurad Night Left/Right
    *Cila*Shara Elf of Luna / Camail Night
    *Cila*Shara Elf of Luna / Collar Night
    *Cila*Shara Elf of Luna / Dress
  • SHOES: Addams // Marion Waders Custome // Ice // Maitreya
  • SWORD: *Cila*YuanWu Weapon / XuanYuan Sword Metal
  • WINGS: *Cila*Mechanical wings RARE @ The Secret Affair


Check out this cool stuff from the events & main store that i mention, some of my items are gacha’s from the pass & present event. I really like doing Role play or Fantasy fashion and i hope my blog will make you more interesting. Thank you! Have a nice day ❤






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